(Phil Walter)

It must be a priority as a leader to maintain a healthy spiritual life, but this cannot be reduced to just a few areas in order to get a “quick fix”. Here is a list of areas to consider : why not look at each one and give yourself a rating on a scale of 1 to 10?

  • Am I accountable to someone I trust who will tell me things straight? (I recommend that you have someone you meet every few months who will ask you questions that touch on your personal and ministry life).
  • Do I have some “me time” and “family time” planned into my schedule?
  • Do I have a regular Sabbath (time of rest and refreshment)?
  • Do I cherish my prayer-time as a relationship as a son towards my Father?
  • Do I devote myself to prayer and the Word (Acts 2.42 and 6.4)?
  • Do I take the time to study the Bible and to read books?
  • Do I spend quality time with my wife and have a satisfactory sex-life?
  • Do I have non-Christian friends?
  • Do I get enough physical exercise?
  • Do I get enough sleep?