Church revitalisation means bringing about changes. And that means knowing how to conceive, plan, and implement a project. Of course the Biblical teaching on the church is valid for all churches at all times. But this project concerns your church, at a specific time, in a specific context, for a specific culture. It’s not an exact science. However here are some principles which might be helpful.

  • Sow constructive discontent

  • Start by getting the leaders on board (or form a steering committee approved by the leaders)

  • Enhance the project with people’s suggestions, even their criticisms. There’s a reason for the reaction of people who are unwilling to change. Listen to them and take their remarks seriously. They may improve your plan!

  • Invite someone from the outside to come and speak to the church, either a specialist or someone who has already lived through change.

  • Discuss with opponents in private.

  • Make the suggestion: “We’ll try it for 3 months and see how it goes”.



Many books have been written on the topic of change. I would like to recommend Our Iceberg is Melting : changing and succeeding under any conditions (by John Kotter). It’s a very simple parable of how a colony of penguins decide to move away from their iceberg to a safer home despite most of them being reluctant to change at the beginning of the story. Buy several copies (it’s not expensive on Amazon) and lend them out to church members! Even the least strategic thinkers will enjoy reading it, and come to understand the need for change and the several stages which are necessary to bring it about.