1. What is the average size of the attendance at your main Sunday meeting?
                       a. Has this changed over the past five years?
                       b. Are the members of the church satisfied with this number?

2. Has the average age of the adult attendance changed over the last five years?
                      a. How would you describe the spread of ages across the church?
                      b. Are there any gaps?

3. Do the members know each other well?

4. Have people from outside the church been converted through the ministry of the

                     church in the past five years?
5. Are the majority of the members actively involved in the life and ministry of the church?


6. How many people are involved in the leadership of the church :
                     a. in a pastoral role?
                     b. In a diaconal role?

7. Is there a strong sense of unity among the leaders?
                     a. Do the leaders meet regularly to pray together?
                     b. What sort of subjects do you pray about?
8. Do any of the leaders feel the need for more training in order to better serve the church?
                     a. Do the leaders need help in thinking through the way churches can better
                                     build up Christians and reach out to unbelievers in today’s society?
9. Does the leadership encourage the church to pray for the Gospel to change lives both
                             within the church and through evangelism?

10. Does the leadership team have a clear vision for the church?
                   a. Can you write this vision down in a few short sentences?
11. If there is a vision, do the members of the church know it and adhere to it?
12. Does the leadership regularly review the effectiveness of the church’s ministries in relation to the vision?
13. What would you wish the church to look like in five years, to the glory of God?


14. In what way has your local area changed in the last ten years?
                   a. Does socio-economic profile of the church correspond to your local area?
15. Does the church have any ministry designed to serve the people in your area?
                   a. Are you aware of any needs in your local area which the church could meet?
16. Are the members of the church involved in activities outside the church?


17. Do the majority of the church members live in the area where the church meets?
18. What reputation does your church have in your area?
19. If a non-Christian from your area came to your church, would the meeting be conducted in such a way that they would easily understand what was being said?
20. Would a non-Christian from your area walking into your church building find it attractive, comfortable and welcoming?