David Brown and Daniel Fodorean teach and mentor in the area of church revitalization at the European Leadership Forum (ELF).

David is a pastor in Paris. He acts as a consultant for other churches in French speaking countries, and teaches on the topic at the Geneva Bible Institute and in seminars right across Europe.

Daniel Fodorean is Dean of the Baptist Theological Institute of Bucharest. He has had many years of experience in pastoring churches in order to give them a new dynamic.

What is church revitalisation ?

In an increasingly secular society, churches can, over a period of time, face decline, stagnation, disappointment and so much more, leading to closure if nothing is done to halt the slide. Revitalisation, using various means, seeks to help bring a church back to spiritual health and vitality.


Reconnect your ChurchRe connect with frame

A practical handbook for church revitalisation

This book has been written by David Brown,

leader of the ELF Church Revitalisation Network.

It starts by presenting a realistic and enthusiastic vision,

and then gives practical guide-lines on how to work

through the implementation of the vision in three areas

  • Social - improving relationships within the church and with non-Christians
  • Societal - improving the contextualisation of the church
  • Spiritual – improving the spiritual health of the church


“This may be a seminal text; perhaps even a watershed publication for

hard-pressed leaders who do not wish to give up on churches which have

thrived in the past but which, for whatever reason, have lost their way or

drifted in the present.”

Lindsay Brown, former International Director of the Lausanne Movement


"Reconnect Your Church is an encouraging roadmap and expert travel guidebook for church leaders who want to see God do a new thing. If you are asking the Lord to use you in this area, this is the book you need, and David is your conversation partner. David is leading a church revitalisation movement across Europe, and this book distils his wisdom. Read the book and then contact David and join the movement!"

Greg Pritchard, Director of the European Leadership Forum


Reconnect your church - a practical handbook for church revitalisation £14.99


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