The aim of church revitalisation is to bring a church back to spiritual health and vitality.

Here is a simple definition of a healthy church -


                        A healthy church is a fellowship of redeemed believers


       who love God with all their heart, with all their soul, with all their mind, with all their strength (Mark 12:30)


       who love people (Mark 12:31)


       in their cultural context


 Two things are necessary to enable revitalisation -

        •   a vision
        •    a process



The diagram below presents a vision of a church which is adapted to our contemporary European context. The diagram is flexible and can be used for all types of churches, wherever they may be and whatever their denomination.




Revitalisation involves a process. The flow-chart below summarises the stages through which the leadership team must lead the church over a period of time.


This process comprises several simultaneous dimensions -


-      the spiritual area (living out a relationship with God)


-      the social area (relationships between Christians and with non-Christians)


-      the societal area (the cultural context of the church)


-      the structural area (in particular leadership)


-      the strategic area (change management)

Flowchart v51 copie



Bearing in mind the particular context of each church, training or mentoring is almost indispensable in order to implement practically what is shown in these diagrams.


I am available to help you anywhere in Europe. If you wish to organise a conference or a meeting with your church or denomination (in person or by zoom), please contact me at –


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